Happy 14th Birthday to Gracie!


This sweet girl turned 14 just a few days after we landed in America.  Everything was new and overwhelming and exciting and sparkling like glitter.  We celebrated her with all the people we love, and our hearts were overwhelmed with gratefulness that we got to do it this way, this year.gracie1

All of Gracie’s cousins from my side of the family had a little tea party for her.  They did all the decorating and preparing for this little impromptu gathering, and it blessed our socks off.  We were still in the phase of “Everything makes us cry”, and this sweet afternoon definitely provoked tears!gracie2 gracie3

We also had a little party with Cam’s side (I hate this phrase!  I claim them too.).  She was spoiled, as usual, and we all reaped the benefits of her birthday with a cookout full of American yumminess.  It was also a treat to see her mercilessly teased by those who love her most.


This girl.  She is my rainbow daughter…the good that came after the storm of losing her big sister.  We have spoiled her since we knew of her existence and have treasured her just as long.  She is smart and kind, creative and talented.  She loves to be alone with her art but can also talk your head off when she is passionate about something.  I have seen her on the mountaintops, full of joy, and crushed with no place left to go but up.  She clings to Jesus, and I know, with utmost certainty, that He has mighty plans for her.  He is forming her in a way unique only to her that will someday bring Him the most glory, and I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds!

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A little bit more celebratin’

disney7We took Faith’s gift with us to Hong Kong, since we were there on her actual birthday.  She was SO excited to get her own Fitbit, and rocked out her steps the next day at Disneyland with over 20,000 steps!faithnanny1Right before her birthday, she got a birthday box from her Nanny and Papa.  She got everything she had hoped for and more.

She was shown love by all her other grandparents, great-grands and adopted grandparents included, with cards and gift cards and messages.  We are so thankful to be surrounded and loved so well by our families, regardless of the ocean that separates us!faithnanny2There are so many things that I could write about Faith.  She is kind and creative.  She is sensitive and silly.  She has the best sprinkling of freckles I have ever seen!  She has a giggle that lights up the room and a sense of humor that you can’t help but to laugh at.  She has huge, unhindered dreams and makes friends wherever she goes.  She loves big and with everything in her and feels the emotions of life the same way.  She is brave and perseverant, never giving up even when it is hard.  While I can’t say that her life has been without trials, I can say that she has held tight to Jesus and walked through the rough patches with grace.  She tends to look for the beauty in the world around her, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this little treasure that Father has gifted to my life!

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