About Me

I am a talker.

A baker.

A runner wannabe.

Follower of Jesus.

Texas Proud.

A lover of books.

World traveler.

Pinterest Peruser.

Coffee Addict.

Hi, I’m Stephanie.   I love Jesus the most, with my family a very close runner-up.  I was born and raised in the greatest state on earth, but I live in China, the most populated place on earth.  I married the boy I fell in love with in high school and can’t imagine life without him.  We have welcomed four daughters into the world, but one was called Home much earlier than we wanted her to leave.  I love to travel the world and see the things I have never seen but would be just as content to rock on the porch watching a Texas sunset while sipping a cherry coke.  No matter where I may be, I choose to chase faith through every step of this journey called life.

You can contact me at stephrhena@yahoo.com or on one of the social media links on my homepage!

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