NYC, a dream come true.

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I have had this dream for as long as I can remember to go to New York City.  In my mind it was the most magical place in the world, full of romance and colorful fall leaves.  Hand holding, book reading while laying under the swaying trees in Central Park, dogs running, nannies pushing prams.  New York City has it all.

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Then 9/11 happened and the desire in my heart went up another notch.  You see, I directly relate that day with the last day I held my baby, 9/14.  The two will always be forever mingled in my mind.  The week that truly rocked my world.

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Cam, in all his awesome husband-ness, booked us a trip to this city full of music and lights to celebrate our 17th anniversary.  Seventeen years with the boy I dreamed about, hoped for, and prayed to marry.

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The smile never left my face.  As we walked hand-in-hand, more in love today than we were all those years ago, everything seemed new and shiny.  We had pizza every single day.  This girl was in heaven!  We walked through Central Park, kissed under the bridge, rode the ferry to see Lady Liberty.  We spotted the golden balls of the big bull on Wall Street.  I drew the line at posing with them.  Gross.  We saw that naked cowboy that everyone talks about.

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We rented bikes and rode from one side of the city to the other.  In a skirt.  We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and stood on top of Rockefeller Center.  We went to the History museum and saw all the things made famous in the movie.   We went to the largest Macy’s ever in search of flip flops because all my shoes rubbed blisters on my feet despite being broken in.  New Yorkers apparently don’t wear flip flops, so we went into every shoe store we saw in hopes of spying the elusive rubber shoes. Those silver sandals I finally paid an arm and a leg for will forever be my most memorable pair of shoes.

nyc10 nyc11

We went and saw Jersey Boys as a reminder of all the songs my daddy sang while I was growing up (beware of language for anyone thinking about seeing this show.  I was shocked at the bad language!)  We had a hot dog and ice cream from street vendors. We found a bagel shop and ate bagels and coffee every morning with the locals.  We soaked in the moments.  We made new memories that I will forever cherish.

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But I will never cherish them as much as I do this man.  I adore him with everything in me. I feel honored to call him husband.  He puts Jesus first, above us all.  He leads us into uncharted territory (while all his girls cry) because he is brave and obedient. Because we aren’t the most important.  And for this I am ever so thankful.


I am also so very grateful that the Lord looked down at me with favor when I was a 14 year old girl asking Him to allow me to marry Cameron.  What a good, good Father!

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