Kids and Moving.

movingMoving with children at home is like trying to clean up glitter after a girly craft time.

It doesn’t go well.

There is something about rolls of taps and endless bubble wrap that brings out the creative beast inside my children. The giggly creative beast.  They have been wholly unproductive in packing but have certainly kept the joy bubbling forth in our home!

I’ll be honest.  Packing turns me into mom-zilla and giggles may be my food source.  I know they aren’t doing what they were told when the giggles get loud.  I have found them hiding in boxes, jumping on the bed, free-falling onto the mattresses that are now on the floor, turning boxes into shoes, and popping the bubble wrap.  They turn everything into an adventure full of fun, and as I step back and see the opportunities I have missed to join in the joy, I am ashamed.

Kids have it right.  This life is the only one we have, and we need to do everything in our power to turn our work into fun and our grumpiness into laughter.

Thankfully He gives us new mercies everyday, and tomorrow I am going to embrace my inner child and let the giggles and dances spring forth!

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