Miss World, 2015

miss1Sanya hosted the Miss World pageant this year, not to be confused with the infamous Miss Universe pageant and the winner debacle. One of our local friends, who is a lawyer, called one evening and asked if we wanted to go watch the contestants play sports.  She had some VIP tickets, but no other details.  We were excited to go and had great hopes of seeing the beauties up close.miss2Our wishes came true when a nice man I started talking to turned out to be part of the pageant staff.  When he found out we were from Texas, he told me he would go get Miss World America (who happened to be born Texan, but held the title from Arizona) and send her over to meet us!  I didn’t think he would actually do it, but about ten minutes later, the beautiful Victoria came to find us.  She was born in El Paso, and much to Ellie’s amazement and excitement has a little sister named Ellie.  We posed for pictures and even made a little video (at her prompting) saying don’t mess with Texas.  But she wanted to do a little hand snap, head jerk move that my white genes just don’t allow for, so it is conveniently lost.missworld3We felt, at time, a bit like celebrities.  Numerous people let the girls through the masses to the front row so they could see “their sister”.  We tried to tell them that we were not related to the models, but no one believed us.  The friend that brought us could not stop laughing at how many times we were asked to take pictures.  We could barely walk without being stopped and posed with!  miss3The whole day felt like a once in a  lifetime experience, and we couldn’t stop talking about it.  We were hoping for last minute tickets to attend the big finale competition, but we aren’t disappointed at all by the day of fun we had with our friend Amy and all the gorgeous models!

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