My Teenager

taiwan10There are so many things I could say about Gracie.  She is a gift that I was sorely in need of that 17th day of August, thirteen years ago.  Every day since then I have been thankful for her spunk, her laid-back attitude, her brilliance that at times makes me very afraid for these upcoming teenage years, and just her all around sweetness.  She is kind to everyone she meets and always has a smile ready.  I am truly proud to call her my daughter.


We had plans to travel to Taiwan on Gracie’s 13th Birthday, so she got to celebrate the night before while she was still not a teenager.

She had plenty of gifts from people all over the world, making her feel as loved as she most certainly is.taiwan12

She is especially loved by her littlest sister, who gathered a few of her favorite treasures and wrapped them up in tissue to surprise her with.  Then she was determined to get a BIG birthday kiss, which Gracie wasn’t thrilled about outwardly, but I am pretty sure deep inside she was loving every bit of slobber!taiwan13

Thirteen is a big year.  It is the beginning of the road that leads to adulthood, immeasurable changes, and temptations that she can’t yet fathom.  After a sweet purity study that took us *ahem* three years to complete, she wrote a list of attributes that she will be praying for her husband to grow into and also for her to use as a guideline later when a handsome face will make those lines much more blurred than they are presently while there is no one in the picture.  She signed a covenant between her and the Lord, witnessed by me and Cam, to remain pure in body, mind, and heart.  To remind her of her promise, she was given a James Avery charm bracelet with a purity charm attached.  We pray that her heart remembers what it feels right now; these convictions, these desires for a godly husband someday; this precious innocence.

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Torrential Rains and Ponchos

Cameron and I went to run a quick errand this morning that we thought was well timed between downpours.  We were mistaken.


While we were finishing our business at the post office, the sky opened up and released its fury.  We waited until the rain lessened a bit but our only real option of getting home required us to drive our scooter in the rain.

By us, I mean Cam.  My Barbie scooter is afraid of getting dirty in the rain, so she stays in the garage area until the sun shines.

Cameron pulled out a fancy poncho, almost identical to the one pictured above.  This isn’t us in case you were wondering.  I was trapped and couldn’t properly document our time with a camera, and we haven’t become Asian in appearance yet , but I am starting to wonder after this little adventure if our thought processes are turning local.  I crawled underneath the poncho (look closely in that picture and you will see two sets of feet!), and tried not to panic.  I obviously couldn’t see anything and my air supply was a bit plastic-y.

We made it home without slipping in the water, and we were much less wet than we would have been if we wouldn’t have donned the awesome water repelling gear.  There isn’t a day that goes by that something interesting and entertaining doesn’t happen in our life.  For the ability to laugh at all of it, I am so thankful.

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