Date Night


Some of our friends were heading to America for the summer and wanted a last sleepover with the girls, so Cam and I jumped on the opportunity for a date night!  We went to the movies and watched cars race and big muscled men solve life’s problems in 3d then decided to hit up a local tourist spot we had never been to.

We also practiced being more Chinese by taking loads of selfies.


We rode a gondola up a mountain to Lovers Point.  This is the place you go to declare your love (or one of the places…people here really like to declare love in beautiful locations).   It was breathtaking!


We walked around the top of the mountain…

Literally.  The whole mountain.

…on railed walkways.  Some had big nets (pic on the left) to catch us if the construction didn’t hold up, so we felt super safe.  Other walkways were being prepared? built?  updated?  When we came upon the broken path (above right) we stopped, stumped.  A worker came over and told us to keep going, that we could walk on it.

Hmm.  Okay.  You’d never see this deemed as safe in America!

The big red fire hydrant/mailbox was a place that you could “send” letters to your lover.  What I wouldn’t give to read all those letters!  Ha!


We had a really fun date exploring the beauty in our city and learning more about the quirks and superstitions of the Chinese people who so obviously need Truth.  You can’t escape the burden of this calling no matter where you go.

The sunset, bird cages, and glass floors over the mountain were just bonuses to getting a night out with my man!

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