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Our time with David and Kelly was such an encouraging time for us.  To get to share your overseas life with family from home truly can’t be described.  It allows them to understand more of what we talk about and imagine those events happening.  It gives them a glimpse of both the trials and the triumphs that come with live over here.  It helps them to know how to intercede for us.  It gives us all a different kind of bond and an arsenal of “inside” jokes.  It blesses our hearts immensely that they love us enough to sacrifice not only vacation days and finances, but even their comfort to come see us.  We know that there are so many other exotic places in the world they could have chosen to visit, and we are so thankful that they chose us. We love y’all and can’t wait for the next trip!npbeach2

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  1. Stephanie, you did such a beautiful job of summing up our time with you. Thank you for taking the time to write each post, and document with your pictures. I have random pictures on my phone, and David has other on his, but it’s hard to put into words what we experienced with you all, and you did it so well. Our trip was so special for us, and something we will never forget. Now, on days when we’re missing you extra bad, we can go back to you blog and relive our memories. We love you, and are so very proud of you all, and the work you are doing.

  2. I’m so glad both sets of your parents have been able to visit you in China. What a blessing. I love seeing all the fun things you find to do.

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