Galloping in the Sand


On our first day at the beach, the girls spied these gorgeous animals just waiting to be mounted and galloped across the white sand and blue waves.  They patiently waited until the timing was right, then off on an adventure they went!


Faith rode on Fancy, Gracie had a horse that, despite numerous attempts, we could never understand its name, and Ellie rode Snow White.  The girls got to control the horses (ponies) on their own, but when I asked Ellie about it, she said she tried to make the horse go one way and it didn’t work.  So, she tried to make it go the other way, but it still didn’t work.  I’m not real sure how much control they actually had, but sometimes the illusion of control is all we need.

It was a picturesque, dream-like afternoon (half hour) of riding through the water to the sand bar, trotting on the beach, and giggling together with the best friends they will ever find.


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  1. What a wonderful vacation you’ve had. It’s amazing how cheap things are – perfect. Glad you were able to make so many wonderful memories and go home refreshed and renewed in every way. Perfect.

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