This will rock your pork world


Cam goes out a lot on his scooter…he runs errands, buys the things on my lists, explores the city…and he always seems to come home with an adventure to tell about.

Chinese people eat pork.  A lot of pork.  When we lived in the states, our pork world consisted of bacon.  Now, we call it chicken and eat it more than I want to think about.

Especially when we pass by these scooters loaded down with freshly slaughtered pigs.

Can we say sanitary?



Here is a close-up of the trailer scooter full of meat for the markets.  I would really hate to be driving this thing…


Look as closely as you dare.  Those pigs are sliced from the middle of the snouts to the middle of the tail.  Two halves.  I just wonder what kind of knife they use! *shudder*

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  1. We used to hear them slaughter pigs next door to us in the Philippines. All kinds of squealing and then gradually fading off. We ate what is called lechon. They’d roast the gutted pig with a bamboo in through its mouth and out its butt. It was delicious, though!


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