Dry Ski!


To celebrate the finish of another school year, we took the girls and their best friends to the dry ski place here in the city.  The slopes were made of little plastic knobs that were extremely flexible and cushiony, giving what I would assume is an authentic skiing experience.  We have never actually been skiing, so I am not sure how similar it is, but it was a lot of fun!  Ski1

Cam, as usual, picked up the new sport surprisingly fast.  He crashed and burned once with a gigantic smile on his face, which is more than I can say for myself, who has road rash all over my thigh…Ski2

Gracie fearlessly ran the slopes the entire time we were there.  She always had her beautiful grin pasted on her face and didn’t fall at all until she tried to jump the hills.  I hope she and her good friend made some lasting memories that they will never forget.Ski3

Faith is determined.  She faces new things with an intensity that comes from her dad.  She doesn’t give up and she pushes herself until she is victorious!  She had a blast!  She tried the tall hills and the short ones, and was looking like a pro when we went home.Ski4Ellie also skied all day long, bringing home the only sunburn of the day.  I didn’t get many pictures of her, because somehow she escaped the camera…could be because she and her bestie were off playing somewhere together.  Her friend fell a few times, and I was so proud of how Ellie “mothered” her.  She dropped her skies and ran to get her, walking slowly back with her.  She continually checked on her, making sure she was okay.  It was a side of Ellie we don’t often see, but made my mama heart happy.

We went on a Friday early afternoon, so the place was deserted.  Since we were the only skiers, the girls decided to chuck the skis and roll down one of the taller slopes.  They got away with it for quite awhile until the worker caught on and put a stop to it.  They really were pretty relaxed with us, letting us do things like taking off the knee/elbow pads (never the helmets!) and laying our skis all over the place.  It was certainly a day we will all remember with a smile!


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