A few things I’ve heard.

Chinese people are direct about some things.  More direct than I like.  Lately, I seem to have gotten a few comments that didn’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies…

“You were a little fat when you lived in America.”  after looking at pictures of me.

“I understand your Chinese, but when you go outside, no one else will.”

“You should buy your 12 year old a box of condoms.”  When I didn’t understand the word, I got a demonstration of what that is…

“Your husband is cute and really awesome.”  Why thank you…I agree completely.

“You have gray hair because you don’t eat good food.”

“Gracie is so short because she needs to eat more vegetables.”  it has nothing at all to do with genetics

“You are getting old, you should exercise more.”

“I like your face”

“Your nose is so long and beautiful”  You can laugh.  I sure did.

“Your figure is perfect” said to me by a married man in front of both our spouses.

“You have holes in your jeans.  Are you too poor to buy new ones?”

Everyday, it seems, something is said, or heard, that in America wouldn’t be said quite as directly.  Or said at all.  I can’t decide if I like this or hate it with everything in me.  And it is so crazy, because this culture is actually not a direct one.  You have to beat around the bush for EVERYTHING else, but observations have no filter…

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