A little date.


Saturday morning Faith really wanted to go get her favorite breakfast…KFC sausage egg biscuit.  However, for some strange reason, our KFC has decided they don’t want to make them anymore.  Or if they do, we miss them every. single. time.  So, with a disappointed Faith (again), we headed home.  I asked her if she wanted to go on a little donut date with me instead.  As a consolation prize of sorts.  She agreed, so we quickly got dressed and headed to the bus stop.  It isn’t very often I get to spend time with just one of my babies, so I was thrilled!  We got to the best bakery around and chose our treats.  It isn’t like a “real” donut from the donut place in Joshua, TX, but it is the best we have, and we will take it!  We just sat and chatted and stuffed our faces with freshly baked pastries.  It was what dreams are made of.

When we were ready to leave (after stopping at the Japanese grocery store to buy sushi making supplies!), we decided to ride a 3 wheeled cart home.  These are always an adventure!  Generally, they are a little more expensive, but not enough to not use them.  This guy quoted me a price that was really cheap (8 kuai), so I thought it was my lucky day.  

Yeah.  I know.  We live in China where what they say is rarely what they mean.

He didn’t know where “home” was.  Even though he said he did.  Once we got going, he asked me for directions.  HA!  That is a nightmare in English, much less in Chinese!  So I just told him I didn’t know.  I’m sure he thought I was a stupid foreigner.  Maybe that is why my price kept rising…

He stopped and asked not one, not two, but THREE different people where my home was.  The last one was a fisherman.  Probably the kind who catches record setting sized fish on a daily basis.  He told my driver we were very far from home.  

Umm..we could SEE home.  I tried to tell him that.

He also said the driver should charge us 30 kuai.  That is almost 4 times the original price!  When he finally dropped us off, we had a little argument.  I told him I would give him 15 kuai.  He said 20.  I reminded him that he said 8.  But then he went off saying it was sooooo far and that it wasn’t his price but the fisherman’s price!  I tried logic.  You know, saying that it was HIS decision not the fisherman’s.  But then he told me that because I was a foreigner, he was making it cheaper.  Only 20 kuai.  I wasn’t going to win this one.  I paid the man 20 kuai and left. (That is about $3)

Faith and I were laughing so hard by the time we got home.  The memories are priceless.  The donuts may be too…

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  1. Those look pretty yummy!! And the words on the cup are in ENGLISH!! 🙂 Glad to be able to finally catch up on your posts!!

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