Because of the Resurrection

I am forgiven.  Washed clean from my sin, in bondage no more.  Pardoned.  Given new life, eternal life in Glory.

I am chosen.   The Holy of Holies, the King of Kings, The Everlasting Father.  Desires me to be His own.

I am loved.  Unconditionally, without restraint.  Unearned, Abundant, so unworthy.

I am safe.  Free from fear, wrapped in the embrace  of the most high God, given shelter from every storm.

I am joyful.  Joy that comes from beneath every other emotion.  Joy that surpasses.  Indescribable.

I am free.  Covered in grace, just as I am.  Death has been conquered.

Because of the Resurrection, I am saved.  Irrevocably,  undeniably, permanently HIS.

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