Cracked Rib

The day after we arrived, New Years Day, I noticed this pain in my right rib.  I couldn’t think of anything that could have happened other than really great hugs from my really tall nephews.  They are stronger than they look!  We left Fort Worth and headed to San Angelo on the 2nd, and my rib was still hurting.  Faith had also started running a fever.  So, we decided a trip to the American doctor was needed.  We went to an urgent Care clinic that wasn’t really urgent.  After 2 hours or so, we found out Faith had a sinus infection from the lingering sickness we were all laid out with over Christmas and I had pleurisy in my right lung caused from the same illness.  Yep.  It wasn’t cracked…just inflamed.  Really, I think an army of toy soldiers took up residence in my lungs and stabbed me with really sharp knives any time I moved or breathed.  They haven’t stopped yet.  The doctor assured me that after one day of anti-inflmmatories, I would be good as new.  If I wasn’t I should come back.  I waited 3 days before admitting that it was feeling worse.  Back to the non-urgent Urgent clinic I went.  After another X-ray and being weighed AGAIN (this is all kinds of wrong…why do they need to know how much I weigh?!!), I left with stronger medication and the knowledge that this doesn’t go away fast.  So, now, every evening, I take my Tylenol with codeine and an anti-inflammatory and get laughed at because my body reacts very quickly and strongly to medicine and I may start talking slow and blinking slow and becoming unable to fluidly move my limbs.  It is no reason to make fun…and pleurisy is nothing to joke about.  This business HURTS.

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