Fancy Hair

There is this place that does hair in hopes that you will purchase something.  The somethings are extremely expensive, but the hairstyles are gorgeous.  The girls have been asking for months to go, but, well, it is way out of my comfort zone to go and not buy something, so I always said no.  Until mom came.  I knew it would be a good memory for them and something special, so I swallowed the gross feeling it gives me, and went.Hair1The ladies are super fast and very gracious.  They didn’t care at all that we weren’t buying things, and they did a fabulous job!  Gracie loved her hairstyle.  She kept it in and wore it the next day too.

hair3Faith reminded me of a little princess with her braid across her face.

hair2And Ellie.  Ellie was in typical form.  She threw a fit because she wanted this jewel thing they put on her.  It was $100usd!!  And because I told her no, she decided she didn’t like her hair anymore.  I thought it was adorable though.  I truly wish she would wear pigtails every day.  Or any day.  I’d even be happy if she would let me fix her hair…

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